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If you want your e-commerce website to be among the top Google results, you had better implement a good eCommerce SEO Services. It is not for nothing, but it is increasingly difficult to climb positions in Google as competitors appear practically daily. The vast majority of small and medium-sized companies have realized the tremendous potential of the internet and do not miss the opportunity to promote their products and services online.

Also, if there is a sector where this competition is really great, it is in electronic commerce. It is estimated that in our country there are around 85,000 online stores. It is not surprising considering that the figures reflected in eCommerce in Spain are really positive, and best of all, it is still looking to continue improving in the medium and long term.

Tips for the SEO strategy of your online store

Why is SEO strategy important in e-commerce? Because it helps us sell more. Not surprisingly, more than half of online store owners affirm that the main source of visits for their online business is SEO or organic positioning.

More visits translate to more sales. But to please users and Google alike, we must follow an SEO strategy consistent with our web project. Here are some general tips for the SEO strategy of your online store.

  • Define your target. First of all, ask yourself who you are going to sell your products to, in other words, what is your target audience. This first step is crucial for the development of the SEO strategy since the structure of the website and the content strategy are linked to the buyer profile of your online store.
  • List of keywords or keywords. Define the right keywords for your business. To do this, you can use the Google AdWords Keyword Planner. It is advisable that you use long-tail keywords as they are better suited to the type of search that users normally perform.
  • Product descriptions. Do your best to create descriptions for your eCommerce products that are unique and contain as much information about the item as possible. Here it is important that you use the keywords that you selected in the previous point.
  • Alt and Title attribute in images. These help search engines know which produce an image refers to exactly. The Title attribute defines the title of the image and the alt attribute is an alternative text to the image that appears when the browser is not able to load the image.
  • Categories and subcategories. Organizing our online store based on categories and subcategories is important both for usability and for SEO strategy. Follow the same method as on the other pages of the site to fill in the meta tags of the categories and subcategories of products.
  • Related Products. When we show related products on each product page we have more possibilities for the customer to increase their shopping cart and, in addition, we improve the structure of internal links or internal Linkbuilding.
  • Content strategy. Create a blog within your online store and design a content strategy to discuss both your products and other topics of interest to your target audience that are related to the sector.

SEO trends for eCommerce in 2016

We conclude this post by talking about the SEO trends for eCommerce that prevail in 2016. Not all of them are, but at least some of the most important.

  • More and better content. Content remains king in 2016, even now it is even more so. It seems increasingly necessary to generate extensive, high-quality content.
  • Social networks. Sharing our products and services on social networks is the most effective way for them to reach a greater number of people.
  • Responsive design. Google has been penalizing for a long time those websites and online stores that are not adapted to the screens of mobile devices.
  • Video marketing. Video marketing strategy scales positions this year and is increasingly being incorporated into marketing strategies and experts.
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