Google Doesn’t care about word count.

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I wrote this case study in 2019, and it’s ranked in the top 3 for “best CMS for SEO” since then.

In the post, I predicted that it would rank without using excessive word quantity.

How did I know?

1. Word count is irrelevant when you replace it with angles.

What’s an angle that no one has used for the keyword you’re attacking?

2. The goal is to satisfy the intent of the keyword, not to juice your word count.

Practice brevity in your SEO content.

3. Unique angles (being the “Purple Cow”) earns more backlinks.

And most important:

What can you create that would be difficult for your competitors to replicate?

The good news is that it doesn’t need to be revolutionary because most of your competitors are lazy.

So be less lazy, and you’ll win easily.