Toriqul Islam Tusher – SEO Expert In Bangladesh

The SEO professional as an all-rounder

A priori, when we talk about digital marketing we usually identify different figures: SEO Manager, Community Manager, Copywriter, SEM specialist … assigning to each professional profile an average salary that most of the time varies a lot between, for example, SEO and Community Manager, the latter being worse off. Well, contrary to what we think, a large number of job offers are looking for a versatile figurewriter / SEO, SEO / SEM specialist, SEO / Copywriter … thus blurring the labels and pre-established salaries for each of them. 

Based on the above, we find that most companies look for professionals the multipurpose digital marketing, and all these deals affect these skillsGoogle Ads, Google Tag Manager, Facebook, and Instagram Ads, digital analytics, Photoshop and Prestashop, experience in analyzing pa models go CPA, CPL, CPCtest a / B, email marketing and automation. 

Therefore, being a good SEO Manager is no longer enough to become the ideal candidate, but to be a good digital marketing professional in all its aspects. Are we facing a trend towards the off-road professional profile? Or is this a sign of the immaturity of the Bangladesh economy, little specialized and that does not value the technician with in-depth knowledge? A question that gives for another article and much debate.

We also note that those digital marketing professionals with expertise, referring especially computer programming language (HTML, CSS, Javascript or PHP), s on much more valued than the pure marketer, and his salary is higher. Without a doubt, a good combination if you want to attract the attention of recruiters. 

Required experience

In relation to the previous experience in similar positions, the required average of three yearsWe did not find offers of more than 6, 10 years … foreseeable since the SEO specialist is new position, consolidated in recent years.It is striking that even many offers for scholarships or young recent graduates require a minimum experience of at least one year in similar positions. We note in this way the importance given to practical experience to the detriment of theoretical training. Controlling specialized tools like SemrushAshrafSistrix, or Anal tics is valued more than any master or postgraduate degree in digital marketingThe latter, Google Analytics, is the most cited among job offers. Makes sense, yes according to a report by BuiltWith90% of the most important websites in Bangladesh use this tool to analyze and draw conclusions from their activity.

What are the most demanded skills?

The main requirement is the language. A B2 certificate is no longer enoughmany companies claim C1 (with an official degree) or native English, and on some occasions, a second language such as French, German or Dutch. In addition, knowing how to work in a team, proactivity, and ease of communication both orally and in writing are repeatedly valued

Top recruiters

The industries most interested in hiring SEO positions are advertising and marketing, retail, startups, and technology-based companies (IT)the vast majority located in Madrid and Barcelona. The category that is repeated the most in the titles of the offers is that of “SEO specialist”

Why do you want to be found using online marketing?

Wondering why it is important to be findable with the help of online marketing? The answer is simple: shorten the line with your target audience. A direct way of communicating offers you many advantages. Online marketing and search engine optimization are very effective at this. With search engine optimization you can make relevant pages score higher in Google. You will be found faster with a higher position. This in turn leads to more page visitors. When you have more page visitors, it makes sense to think there is more conversion. This entire process is very measurable!

What does an SEO Specialist look at?

An SEO Specialist looks at various matters regarding your website during a collaboration. For example, the question arises whether the website is mobile-friendly. Because many customers surf the internet with a smartphone or use Google, it is necessary to connect your website to this as well as possible. User-friendliness is always appreciated by customers. Another critical point is how quickly your website responds. In the context of user-friendliness, the customer must be helped as quickly as possible. If you have a slow website, you can cut yourself off with this. It is then assessed whether there is good content on the website. Good content means relevant content. Does the content match what you sell? Can content be added?

These are questions that need to be answered to improve the quality of your content. After that, more SEO technical aspects are looked at. Here you can think of the keywords you want to be found on. Are these listed on the website? An SEO Specialist is able to rewrite your web pages to ensure they are listed and how to get a higher score on Google. It is also important to look at your competitors. How many relevant words do they use on their web pages? By carefully mapping this out, this can be anticipated correctly. It is very beneficial to use more words than your competitors. This really appreciates Google’s algorithm. Finally, a term is set to realize your goals and wishes. By drawing up concrete KPIs, you can work in a result-oriented way. This means that adjustments can be made at any time to achieve the desired result.

Do good research on SEO Specialists!

Of course, it is easy to say that everyone is as capable as they claim. For this reason, it is important to assess an SEO Specialist on his or her achieved results. Results are measurable and can always provide you with the truth. That is why it is recommended to do good research in advance for an SEO Specialist!

SEO Specialist Bangladesh – how are you helped?

An SEO Specialist is able to help you in various ways to more customers and more conversions. An SEO Specialist has a wealth of experience in the field of search engine optimization. By having a lot of experience, you can work accurately towards a successful result. This allows you to effectively approach your target audience with your message. An SEO Specialist also offers you the option to run a local SEO campaign. With a local campaign, segmentation takes place in a region or environment. This filters out your potential target group a little more carefully.