What is Shopify

Shopify is an e-commerce engine, which allows you to create an online store without technical knowledge and without having to worry about updates to plugins, versions, servers, etc. These types of online services are usually called SaaS. (Software as a Services). Forgetting about technology gives you the chance to focus on the most important thing, getting customers. Shopify allows you to start selling online using the best designs in record time. Here are two examples of online stores created with Shopify that sell millions:

By working with a platform like Shopify you have all the online commerce functions:

1. Full control over design:  There are hundreds of templates that you can parameterize by yourself or help yourself from the network of  certified Shopify experts specialized in design .

2. Ability to accept payments and currencies from around the world. Whether through Paypal, credit cards from around the world, bitcoins, etc.

3. Maximum security: All Shopify online stores have a Level 1 certificate of compliance with PCI standards and use 128-bit encryption to guarantee that the information on the credit cards used is secure.

The number of Shopify stores grows every day, but do you know how many Shopify stores exist today? More than 400,000 businesses are using Shopify as the engine of their e-commerce, here is an interesting Shopify post where they show the 46 stores that stand out for their designs. Unlike other SaaS e-commerce solutions such as Palbin or Xopie, Shopify has a network of expert consultants and specialist e-commerce agencies , certified by them that support any entrepreneur, retail, brand or organization that want to create, improve or optimize your online store.

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What Is Shopify Dropshipping?

If you are looking to sell products online on the Internet but have no web development or coding experience, don’t worry. Shopify provides a complete tool for building websites (a CMS) that can be sold on the Internet without knowing how to code in computing science!

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How To Create A Shopify Marketing Plan in Your Store

An online store needs a good amount of digital marketing. Point. Point. In this case, good marketing is vital for the business to thrive, as 100% of the purchase process takes place over the Internet, from the first visit to purchase and repurchase.

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Shopify Design And Development Expert

Shopify is platform number one for eCommerce, with more than 820,000 users. This popularity has broadened the Shopify developers market — making it hard to choose the best one for your online project. I am a Shopify Design...

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Shopify Product Research

A great product is the Shopify website’s most important aspect. But what looks like a great product, and how do you find it? In this post, we’ll look at how to perform Shopify product research to discover great products that improve your chances of success online.

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Shopify Store SEO

The well-known online store platform Shopify has exceeded 500k created online stores. With this panorama and competition rising every day in the world of e-commerce, Shopify Store SEO is absolutely necessary. It is necessary to distinguish between informative keywords and the purchase of keywords.

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