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Having WordPress SEO Optimization Services will help your website reach the top positions of Google. Although having a website is the basis of the digital presence of your brand or company, the effort you have invested in it will not do much good if you do not make sure that your audience finds it. Below, we explain why.


What is SEO?

With the advent of search engines in general in 1990 and Google in particular in 1998, the web boom began, which realized that the best way to attract traffic was to reach the top positions. This is where SEO and SEO- related services were born, which have been gaining importance ever since.

The SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) or search engine optimization is nothing to optimize a website to improve its position in the results of search engines. In other words, trying to get our website to appear at the top when users search for certain words on Google.

This discipline applies techniques both within the website (On-Page) and outside (Off Page) to improve its visibility in the organic (unpaid) results of the different search engines. We can divide it into these two groups:

  • SEO On Page: can be defined as the optimization that is done, directly, on the pages of the website that we want to position in the results in Google. It ensures that the web is optimized for the search engine to understand its content. Here we would include SEO factors such as keyword optimization, which are the terms with which you want the user to find your content when they search on Google. The loading time, the user experience, the optimization of the code and the URLs are other points that are worked in the SEO On Page services.
  • SEO Off Page: They are external factors to the website that Google takes into account for positioning. For example, the capture of quality links that point to the site you want to position.

What are the SEO services?

After all this, you will surely ask yourself, exactly, what our SEO services and what benefits can they bring to your business.

Our SEO services are made up of a series of strategies to improve the visibility of your website in search engines with the aim of increasing traffic from Google and helping you win clients.

To do this, we analyze in detail the needs of your website, we choose the most appropriate and profitable keywords for your business and we prepare a customized plan. The services of our SEO team will be based on advice and continuous monitoring of the strategy designed to achieve the best positions.

What do WordPress SEO Optimization Services provide?

As we have seen, SEO is an essential part of the online strategy of a brand or company. Thanks to our organic positioning services, you will get:

  • More traffic. After having made an investment of money, time and resources to build a website that represents your brand, you need to make it profitable through services such as SEO.

Most users tend to visit any of the top 10 sites suggested on search engine results pages. Therefore, appearing in the first positions is a guarantee to get a large number of visitors to your website. With our SEO service, we will ensure that you reach more people through general organic results, Google Maps files, images, etc.

Imagine that you manage to position your website for a term with 1,000,000 monthly searches. If the first result that appears in the search engines takes 20% of the clicks, you would be getting 200,000 people interested in what you offer to see you every month. It wouldn’t be too bad, would it?

  • More sales. The formula is simple: the more people who see your products or services, the more chances you have of buying them. Additionally, SEO may have a better return on investment ( ROI ) than more traditional forms of advertising. This can be attributed to the fact that people who see you are already looking for information related to the products and services you offer.
  • More leads. The term lead is used in digital marketing to refer to those contacts who have left us their data and become part of our registry.

Normally, they are generated through valuable content that can be downloaded by filling out a form, which is usually embedded in a landing page, web page, blog article, etc. Although they may not buy the first time they visit us, they are potential customers. It is important not to lose sight of them and continue to keep in touch with them to capture their attention and become customers.

  • Better reputation. The SEO service builds trust and credibility. When your website appears among the first search results, users understand that they will find quality information and this will give them the confidence they need to buy.

What do Top Position SEO services include?

Our SEO strategy method   is divided into four phases:

  • General strategy, analysis, and deployment of keywords

The SEO service Top Position develop a solution tailored to each case with the right keyword strategy. In this initial phase, we analyze the market, the objectives, the audience, the competition and the keywords that interest us. When we have the results of the study, we design a keyword strategy that tells us which ones to compete in, how and where.

  • SEO Optimization – Comparative Report – Benchmark Report

Once you have chosen the most suitable keywords for your line of business, it is time to carry out the second step of SEO services, and optimization analysis.

The SEO audit will identify if your website meets the optimal criteria to achieve good positions in Google. In addition, our SEO Benchmark Report® Comparison Optimization Report will study your main keyword in depth by comparing it to the top-ranked websites. We always carefully review a large number of important factors when positioning, such as the use of keywords in tags, inbound links, content, outbound links, H1, H2, etc.

This allows us to make a series of specific recommendations to improve each of the key factors for your positioning. In short, this report will allow us to design a coherent, effective and realistic SEO strategy.

  • SEO implementation

After analyzing the market, the main keywords, the website and that of the best-positioned competitors, we implemented the SEO strategy. In order to be really effective, we influence a considerable number of factors, such as the use of the different tags – title tag, description tag, keyword tag, Alt tag – and content. We also developed a strategy of acquiring links, or link building, to get more relevant and quality links pointing to your website.

It is important to take detailed care of the implementation of this search engine positioning service since there is a risk of receiving penalties from Google or other search engines if the established criteria are no longer respected. Exiting the Google index and not appearing in the results is an experience that no website would want to suffer.

  • SEO service monitoring and analytics

When the SEO strategy is implemented, we continue to carry out maintenance so as not to lose the good results achieved. It is part of our SEO service. In addition, we continue to analyze data through tools such as Google Analytics and integrate that information appropriately into our strategy.

Why hire our SEO services?

Our more than 8 years of experience, personalized service, continuous monitoring of each project and our own methodology are compelling reasons to decide to bet on our SEO services.

Top Position brings together a multidisciplinary team with a long professional and academic career. In addition to managing projects in different sectors, we carry out research studies in various fields to always know the latest news. In addition, we carry out constant research in the different branches of SEO: local SEO, reputational SEO, Image SEO, video SEO, news SEO, among others.

Through our SEO services, we can help you so that your company’s website, personal brand or institution improves visibility in Google’s organic results.

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