Md. Toriqul Islam

  • Name:  Md. Toriqul Islam
  • Skill: Digital Marketer (SEO Expert)  
  • Age: Born: April 26, 1996 (age 25 years),
  • HomeTown: Rangpur, Bangladesh.
  • WorkPlace – Upwork, Fiverr & LEDP Trainer.

My name is Toriqul. I am a freelancer Digital Marketer on Upwork and currently working with LEDP Bangladesh as a Digital Marketing Trainer. One of my dreams is that I will be making content for people who needs to learn ” How can they stand out and do something unique from others. “I am a workaholic person, and I never stop learning about new things. I’m working at my own IT Center named “Learn Freelancing With Tusher.” I am also a student of Gaibandha Govt College. As a student, I think everyone should step forward and live the life they want. Simplicity is the garland of my nature and there is no hidden secret of my life. I love to travel and wish you all good luck in your life!