Refund Policy

Our website adheres to a strict no-discount policy. We do not accept a discount after the assistance/guest post association has ended, as we provide our customers with intangible, extremely durable products and services.

When purchasing Our Site groups, participation plans, or approved guest post organizations, you agree that all fees are non-refundable, unless otherwise specified. As a customer, you must comprehend it before purchasing any assistance through our website.

Our website does not honor requests for limits or returns due to the following factors:

It combines the accessibility of website pages throughout the day, the speed of page loading, all hypertext and backlink documents of web documents, unchangeable comments, text organization, content, and style. For consistency, no exceptions are permitted.

Our 100% Money Back Assurance

If, for any reason, we are unable to publish your article/guest post on the wholesaler websites you request, we will provide you with a full refund minus a portion of the entry fees. For the time being, we may provide the option to resubmit the request to other equivalent distributer destinations or to accumulate credit in the POSTING Wallet for future use. In any case, you can choose to receive a full discount in the current circumstance if you so choose.

Restrictions Request Throughout the Writing Process

When you submit a solicitation to us, we pre-pay our columnists to work on your solicitation using your portion. Therefore, if you change your mind for any reason during the article creation or review phase, we will offer a 50% discount. In the current circumstance, you will accept your report and have the option to request modifications. The completed article is yours to use however you please.

Restrictions During the Publication Process

We will deny limits cited during the cycle of appropriating guest posts. We cannot prevent appropriation in quantity and cannot recover the costs of transporting an item. Assuming no one objects, you should thoroughly review your article before approving its distribution. We work hard to ensure that your article is error-free. Check that the article meets your requirements, that the business contact details are accurate, that the spelling and language are appropriate, that the expressions you provided are used, and that the hyperlinks work precisely.

How lengthy are refunds?

Limits should be supported or denied based on this methodology within twenty-four hours of your sales being accepted.

Mastercard Refunds will be available on your card within five to ten business days.

PayPal Refunds will appear instantly in your PayPal account as soon as we have processed them. Therefore, if you paid with your PayPal balance, the funds should be accessible after calculating it. If you paid to use a card or balance, the resources are always accessible after five business days. Depending on your bank, they may take longer in any case.

We will reliably return limits to the PayPal account, record, or card used to make contributions. Sadly, we cannot manage limitations on a substitute record.

How to Ask for a Refund

If you want a refund and are unhappy with our service, you can contact us via email. You can also receive excellent discounts. For more information, please contact us via our official mail.

When contacting us about a discount, kindly include the email address you used when submitting a proposal alongside the proposal number.

Customers who believe that organizations are misrepresented can file complaints with the Our Site support group.

If nobody cares either way, please contact us within seven days of your purchase.

It would be ideal if you provided explicit evidence that the purchased product or service does not match its description on our website. We do not modify our complaints based on the customer’s false assumptions or desires.

Our website evaluates protests based on the circumstances. We maintain the ability to assist or deny any complaint at our sole discretion.